Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Pasture for Pigs (and Goats)

We've had our pigs for a month now. They're growing right along. Ashley transitioned them to living in the goats' pen/pasture yesterday. Although they squealed like pigs (we really could have used ear plugs while Ashley was carrying them over), they loved their new space once they settled in. 

Wallering in the mud...

Rooting up the ground...

Making their goat brothers wonder what in the world just arrived....

It's amazing watching them use their snouts. They particularly love rooting under the Hickory trees. 

Ziggy and Waylon weren't that thrilled about their new pen-mates, but they seem to all be adjusting just fine. 

Ashley put on his thinking cap and made these awesome troughs out of PVC pipe and wire. Both the pigs and goats are bad about standing in their food--the wire prevents that. 

It was a family affair as usual. 

I'd say the finished product works great!

For all parties involved. 

I'm thankful to have Ashley as my partner. There's no way we could do this Okra Hill farming thing without being a team. I'm responsible for the animals' day-to-day general upkeep (feeding, water, etc) but it takes Ashley to do the larger things like animal relocation and trough building. Although I was a reluctant pig farmer, I'm getting used to it now. And to see the girls running around in the pen is awesome. They're so happy--and pretty clean, too!