Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Just Because You CAN Do Something...Doesn't Always Mean You Should

I've mentioned before- we love okra cooked all sorts of ways--steamed, grilled, fried, pan-roasted. And because of this love of our spiny vegetable, I was excited to find a recipe for okra cupcakes. I'm constantly trying new recipes and after reading through this one, I was intrigued. Okra and fennel? Sounded slightly bizarre but also potentially delicious. So I enlisted one of kitchen helpers and we got to work. First we had to food process the okra. 

The batter was fairly straightforward--but the consistency was kind of sponge-like. It tasted good (I always try my batter, eggs and all). 

And the cupcakes came out looking great. They tasted pretty good, too, right out of the oven. 
My 2 year old gobbled down a muffin and asked for more. I probably ate 2 when they were warm. But once they cooled down...I would have to say they were one of my least favorite baked goods that I have ever made. The okra taste was too much. Maybe if I had made the frosting to mask the flecks of okra it would have been OK. Who knows. I won't be trying the recipe again--and it proves that just because you CAN put okra in something sweet, doesn't mean you SHOULD. Back to the old standbys of okra preparation for me!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bean Buffet (for the Goats)

In the last post I wrote that we were nearing that point of being done with beans. Well, we're officially done with them now! Ashley has taken down the panels....

And created a bean buffet for our hooved residents. 

Ziggy and Waylon have really enjoyed helping us out. I think they've finally earned their keep! 

 They've basically eaten the panels clean, leaving very little work for Ashley. Thanks, guys!

 In other Okra Hill sectors...the caladiums at the chicken house are beautiful! Ashley got a deal on three big boxes of these. It really adds beauty to the chickens' residence!

The fall garden is on its way. This picture was taken a week or two ago--now Ashley has plowed all of this up (except for the radishes and peas he planted). We'll plant beets, kale, lettuces, parsley and cilantro in this space. 

A disappointment last week...bugs ate up our sunflowers. Boo!

Ah, but the okra...oh the okra continues to grow! When I went out today, it was towering over me...maybe nearing 7 feet tall? We've had another great week of weather--really felt like fall~

That's Max, our rat terrier, with me. He's 10 years old and had been living with Ashley's parents for the past 2 years while we built this house and got settled in. We're happy to have him back with us (and from this picture, it looks like the feeling is mutual).