Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Just Because You CAN Do Something...Doesn't Always Mean You Should

I've mentioned before- we love okra cooked all sorts of ways--steamed, grilled, fried, pan-roasted. And because of this love of our spiny vegetable, I was excited to find a recipe for okra cupcakes. I'm constantly trying new recipes and after reading through this one, I was intrigued. Okra and fennel? Sounded slightly bizarre but also potentially delicious. So I enlisted one of kitchen helpers and we got to work. First we had to food process the okra. 

The batter was fairly straightforward--but the consistency was kind of sponge-like. It tasted good (I always try my batter, eggs and all). 

And the cupcakes came out looking great. They tasted pretty good, too, right out of the oven. 
My 2 year old gobbled down a muffin and asked for more. I probably ate 2 when they were warm. But once they cooled down...I would have to say they were one of my least favorite baked goods that I have ever made. The okra taste was too much. Maybe if I had made the frosting to mask the flecks of okra it would have been OK. Who knows. I won't be trying the recipe again--and it proves that just because you CAN put okra in something sweet, doesn't mean you SHOULD. Back to the old standbys of okra preparation for me!

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