About Us

Welcome to Okra Hill Farm...or a place where we are working on growing our family, our garden, and a life in the country.

That's me, Anna, in the skid steer bucket. I'm a stay-at-home mama to three young boys and the wife of Ashley. We built our farmhouse in 2011 (learn more on the Our Place page). We're "do-ers", meaning we're always up to something, whether Ashley is building a chicken barn or I'm learning to can strawberry jam.

The life we're aiming to live isn't unique--lots of folks are trying to be more authentic, self-sustaining, and enjoy the land around them--but I thought creating this blog would be a good outlet for me to share more about what we do around our house. I've been blogging since 2006 about our family, our company's business, my bookclub, teaching college first-year students, selling a house and building a house. But this is a new blog adventure that will be more focused on outside projects, gardening, and cooking.. You may catch glimpses of our boys doing things but I'll keep those stories for my more private family blog.

So welcome, y'all!

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