Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Grow, Grow, Growing!

A lot can happen in two weeks around our house. We took a mini family vacation to the beach this past weekend and came home to a garden full of goodness. The lettuce continues to amaze me and now our peas are beginning to produce. 

Ashley harvested our first set of potatoes, mainly because we needed the area to plant some eggplants and peppers. We enjoyed the Yukon Gold potatoes last night made into homemade fries (cut potatoes into fries, soak in water for a while. Coat in oil and salt and bake on a wire rack on a cookie sheet for 45 minutes in a 450 oven). YUM!

The onions have also been pulled to make way for more garden produce. 

Here are the potato plants. Although I remember my Poppie (grandpa) growing potatoes when I was little, I had no recollection of what they looked like. The potatoes are under the ground (I guess that is a basic fact but it's interesting to consider). 

And those 32 broccoli plants...they actually are producing...all at the SAME time! I made a broccoli salad last night with a head (mayo, red wine vinegar, cheese, raisins and sugar with broccoli). 

Another view of the lettuce...the stuff in grocery stores can't compare!

We have two old tractor tires from Ashley's grandpa's farm in McBee, where we have planted cantaloupes and watermelons. The chickens are watching over the cantaloupe patch. 

Everything is blooming at the house!

And we're growing in more ways than in our garden: last night we added two Dwarf Nigerian Goats to our farm--Ziggy and Waylon (they come from a neighbor who couldn't care for them any longer). They're not grown yet but they are full of personality!

Enjoying their first supper in their new compound. 

The boys love them--my youngest woke up this morning and asked to go see the goats! 

See what I mean about personality...they're goats so they're climbers. We'll eventually build them a bigger pen with a playground. 

 Their place is tucked beneath the pine trees at the back of our yard, next to our Windy Barn (where our cat eats her breakfast). They're a great addition and I look forward to sharing more about our life with goats!

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  1. I love your new additions..too cute. Our broccoli never did anything this year. Yours looks great. Our lettuce has been terrific and the first squash blooms are forming now. Yay! I love watching your progress. Hmm, I'm seeing a field trip to your house for us soon! :)