Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ooodles of Okra!

We've pulled up the pink-eyed peas but the okra continues to produce (if I remember correctly, we were still enjoying fresh okra last September). Ashley has replaced the pink-eyed peas with broccoli and the corn with collards (32 plants each again!). 

And sunflowers! We have sunflowers! In seventh grade, sunflowers were big on my best friend Amanda and I's favorite image lists. They really are beautiful. 

After Ashley planted the broccoli and collards, he said he wished he had staggered the plantings so we wouldn't be overrun with the crops all at once. Oh well--next time we'll remember that! And notice the Tonka truck--like the wagon, these Tonka trucks are constantly being used in the garden by the boys. Ashley even had the idea that I could push one along with my feet so I could hold our newest addition in one hand and pick okra with the other. I haven't tried it yet, though!

Our grapes are also ripening--we're growing a classic Southern variety--muscadine. They're delicious and make for a sweet treat when I'm walking by and pop one in my mouth. 

We've had beautiful (aka, low humidity) weather this week. I'm sure the sweltering heat and humidity will be back but it's nice to have a break!

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  1. Your garden is really beautiful. Happy to hear you've received a break from the heat and humidity. We are currently experiencing a nice refreshing change too. I'm loving it!