Thursday, March 21, 2013

Potatoes Popping Up

Potatoes are popping up in the garden! It's a neat sight to see the earth rising and tiny green plants emerging. 

It won't be long before these plants take off and produce one of our favorite crops. 

Here's Heidi, one of our chickens. She dominates the other girls, proving that a hen will behave as a rooster if there is no male present. Sometimes I want to pop her for how mean she is to the other girls but then I remember she's just a chicken with a brain about the size of a popcorn kernel. 

Also popping up...peas!!

The goats are doing well. The rye grass keeps their pen nice and green. Ashley is thinking about seeding this pen and making it a proper pasture. 

Waylon and Ziggy, waiting to be fed. 

The other night, Ashley, Levi and I cleaned up pinecones and sticks in the pen. Notice who's on the fence at the back...he didn't want to come in but decided to watch instead. 

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