Saturday, May 24, 2014

Glorious peas!

Peas, peas, peas! Oh how we love our fresh English peas! We've had mixed success with growing peas in the past but this year's crop is doing great. And don't all these raised beds in the garden look nice? That coupled with the relocated sod from our side yard makes the garden an extra nice place to hang out.

 In front of the peas are tomatoes, kale (on its way out), spinach and lettuce, and carrots. YUM!

Green is my favorite color. And the color of a green pea is just perfect!

And we also have raspberries! Last year the raspberries did next to nothing while the blackberries went crazy. Well, the raspberries decided this year to get the party started first. The boys and I had a few today. 

But not to be outdone, the blackberries are coming along. I'm starting my war against the stink bugs already--they were on the peas last week and they're still around, waiting to stink up the blackberries. Ugh!

Our blueberries and grapevines are coming along, too. 

Ah, it's so nice to be in the spring/summer growing season again!

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