Sunday, September 14, 2014

It's a Grape Day for the Grape Press

We brought two gallons of grapes up to my parents this past weekend so we could try out my papa's apple cider press. I grew up seeing their press covered in dust in the basement. It was a project Papa put together but it never operated correctly until he had it worked on. My brother and I were always fascinated with it so when Ashley and I had the opportunity to try it out, I was excited. 

First Ashley sprayed off the dust. 

The boys helped (they had been riding plasma cars which explains their helmets). 

Lots of cranking...

And then the juice started to trickle out!

After one press we decided the grapes had more juice in them. 

And we were right. Two gallons of grapes gave us a little over two quarts.  

We all tried a glass of fresh muscadine juice. 

Ashley and I will probably buy our own press to have at Okra Hill since this worked so well. 

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  1. Love the shot of the juice in your son's sippy cup :) Sure enjoy reading about your farm, Anna!