Sunday, June 24, 2012

Haulin' in the corn!

Yesterday we had a big haul from the garden: Our first crop of corn was ready for picking! The boys helped by using their dump truck and wagon.

We planted bi-color corn and it did really well. The damage from worms/bugs was minimal and the kernels formed perfectly. 

And it tastes delicious, even freshly picked. Ashley and the boys munched on several ears while picking. 

You can't beat the Radio Flyer wagon. I had one growing up and it's still going strong. My parents gave the boys their own for Christmas and we use this wagon almost every day!

Yesterday's haul, stacked on the steps. We shucked off the outer husks because we won't be storing the corn long. 

Speaking of storing...we'll give a good bit of corn away (yesterday we gave 16 ears to friends) and eat some this week so for now Ashley hauled the corn over to our other crawlspace and it's laying there in the cool. We have to make do until we get a freezer. When we built this house, I planned to have my laundry machines in the laundry room with a second refrigerator; however, the laundry room isn't as big as I thought (or rather, fridges take up more depth than I realized). So now I'm in the market for a chest freezer.

Our favorite way to enjoy corn is quick-steamed on the cob. Last week I threw some leftover corn into the skillet when I was sauteing zucchini and that was delicious, too!


  1. The corn was soooo good! Ha--it's already gone! Thanks for sharing your bounty!

  2. Corn is our fave summer food! I freeze it in the husk. And I've been using the pinterest trick of cooking it in the microwave for four minutes - in the husk - then it slips right out!