Friday, June 29, 2012

Green Bean Galore

We were late on staking up our green beans so they got a little woolly. Saturday evening I was about to complain about their messiness to Ashley when I discovered tons of beans ready for picking. Since then I have picked 3 gallon buckets of green beans. They may not be trained to their fences but they're doing a great job producing!

The red wagon, useful again as a place to clean beans (and other vegetables).

I am picking our beans when they are still young and tender because we like to eat them steamed and then sauteed with garlic. I am going to attempt to freeze a few to see how they do. I never like frozen green beans but I'll give these a try. If they turn out, we can do more next year. My mama always cans her beans but I don't have a pressure canner and am not willing to go through that effort this year. 

This was the first harvest of beans. I cooked them at Ashley's sister's house for Sunday supper. Yummy!

How do you like your green beans? Any luck/experience with freezing them?


  1. Wow! What a wonderful supply of beans!! :) I can't wait until ours are ready.....a few more weeks.

  2. Brian's mom and grandmother can beans every year (sometimes grown themselves, sometimes bought) and we always end up with several pints of them. They are Zack's favorite veggie--actually the only veggie we can count on him eating, so we have them a lot! Brian adds in a beef bouillon cube when he cooks them and they are delicious!

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog. I just picked green beans tonight but I plan to can ours. I have two different patches of them going but planted at different times so that wouldn't all come on at once. Enjoy!