Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mounds of Melons

Ashley planted watermelon and cantaloupe seeds in the old tractor tires around our garden. They're flourishing. Case in point, one of the vines is even sneaking into the garden barn!

I've been seeing all sorts of recipes using watermelon (watermelon granita, grilled watermelon, watermelon salad). We'll be able to try some soon, I hope. Right now we're enjoying the watermelons from our farmer's market (just cut up in the fridge). 

The cantaloupes are coming right along, too. 

And the volunteer watermelons that are in front of our house are expanding daily. We actually picked one last Saturday (we thought it was huge) but it wasn't ripe. 

Besides the human consumers of watermelons on our hill, we have two lively goats who also like this summer fruit. Notice the vine growing in the pen behind Waylon. 

These guys have healed from their castration a few weeks ago and are back to their crazy antics of chasing after each other and crying for us every time we come out the front door or get out of the car. They seem really happy with their new pen (we are, too) and have been earning their keep by munching on the underbrush. Thanks, guys!

They really are funny guys. Ashley said he's not interested in trying the grilled watermelon but he suggested that Ziggy might like it after finding him happily munching through one of their watermelons. 

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