Saturday, December 8, 2012

Officially a Family of Five

Long time, no write. Between taking care of children (and a husband) with yucky fall colds and the start of the holiday season, I haven't had much energy to sit down and write about life. We're all doing well, really; I am continuing to learn how to make the most of the few moments of free time that I have. 

Our baby boy is four months old now and we've made it official by having family pictures made at Okra Hill.  I love the results because Kate (who happens to have been my oldest son's preschool teacher last year) perfectly captured our family. Here are a few of the shots, though I'm saving the best to be printed before I share them online.

Our barns made perfect backdrops for the majority of our pictures. The boys are sitting in front of "Windy's Barn," which is the barn where our cat eats her supper. 

Remember how I've talked about these Tonka and John Deere dump trucks hauling everything? Look, it even hauls a baby! Don't worry, this hasn't gone on without my supervision (yet). If you're in the market for a dump truck, definitely consider the John Deere model. This one is played with every day and only recently had to be repaired (dump bed rusted off--if the boys would be more consistent about putting them up each day instead of exposed to the weather, that wouldn't have been a problem). 

I really wanted some pictures taken in the garden because we spend so much time there together. I love this one because L and M have mustard spinach stuck in their teeth and sugar peas in their hands. 

To me, our house is part of the family. Building it was almost like giving birth and it's already provided us with a wonderful space to live. So having a photo of us in the garden with the house in the background was another one of those shots I wanted to include in our shoot. We'll try this angle again next year when the lighting is different. 
All this said, I'll get around to updating this blog with all the lovely things growing and being harvested in the garden right now--carrots, beets, onions, garlic, kohlrabi, mustard spinach, kale, broccoli, cabbage, and collards. Yum!


  1. Oh, Anna, I LOVE all these pictures so much! I can't believe these aren't the best ones! They capture your family beautifully and I love how you incorporated the farm and the things that make it so special to you.

  2. Hi Anna,
    Love your name (we chose it for our oldest daughter:). Your family photos are cute and playful. Love the shots in the garden. I am already wishing I could get my hands into the earth but our garden is covered in frost right now!