Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow comes to Okra Hill!

When our house was being built during the winter of 2010/2011, our area of South Carolina had several snow days.  Since then there haven't been any so when it snowed this week, we were all excited.  Around three inches fell- just the right amount to make Okra Hill look like a winter wonderland without being troublesome. 

I think the girls were perplexed by the white stuff. 

Waylon and Ziggy weren't quite sure what to do either!

I grew up in the NC foothills where we had snows most winters.  I don't miss the power going out or having to walk up our (steep) driveway when the snow made it impossible to drive.  But I have missed sharing a snow day with my boys.  

They all had a big time with it, although I think Tyler was disapointed his red car didn't have better 4x4 capabilities.  

Within a day the roads were clear and dry. Nothing could be finer than living in South Carolina (at least when it comes to fairly mild winters!).  

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