Monday, May 11, 2015

The best time of year in South Carolina...

Although we do have four seasons in South Carolina, our fall and spring typically gives way to the less enjoyable temperatures of winter and summer quicker than most of us prefer. This spring has held on longer and we've had several really nice weeks of warm temps, low humidity and clear blue skies. It's been perfect.  Saturday I captured what was probably the last of this glorious weather. Enjoy the May tour of Okra Hill!

Our summer garden is planted and growing.
Ashley attached a few pans in the corn to keep the crows from plucking out the replacements he replanted a few weeks ago. We typically don't put fencing around our corn- this is keep our puppies from tearing through the corn while chasing their best friend, our neighbor's lab. 

The blackberry vines are FULL.

Definitely the raspberry bushes!

Our favorite spring crop continues to be green peas. These didn't come up as well as before but we'll still have plenty to enjoy.

Zucchini is in the mini stage now....

Our flock of 16 hens continues to be great producers, laying 12-15 eggs most days.

Our pig/goat field is covered in waist-high rye grass right now. The pigs really did a number on the ground with their intense rooting. We haven't decided what livestock we will take on this summer- maybe just a single pig (and we'll keep it in the back lot to let this area rest).  

The blueberry bushes are loaded with green berries, waiting to ripen.

Our muscadine grapevines are healthy after a good late-winter pruning.

Here's another view looking across the pig field over to the garden barn. Ashley and I love the look of the grass. So peaceful!

And of course, these guys have been growing along, too. It's hard to believe they're (almost) 3, 5, and (almost)7.

Every day I thank God for blessing us with such a beautiful place to raise these boys. Happy May, y'all!

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  1. You are preparing your family well for the wave of the future!! Home grown goodies...can my mom & I come stay awhile! We'll pull our weight with harvesting :-)