Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Growing Along

One of my goals for this blog is to record what we plant in the garden and the results. I realize what would really be helpful is to write down when we planted what, when it first sprouted and then produced food. That's not going to happen with the spring plantings but maybe for the summer garden. 

Lettuces looking lovely. 

 Carrots creeping out on the left (tiny) and spinach sprouting splendidly. 

 Peas popping up.

Onions organizing (left front), potatoes in preparation (left rear) and broccoli bursting up (going with some alliteration here). The funny thing about all that broccoli is Ashley came home a while back and announced he had bought 32 broccoli plants. 32!!! I thought he was joking but he wasn't. We loved our fall/winter broccoli so he wanted to make sure we had more this spring. Probably will have some for giving away!

Our garden has a front fence for looks but Ashley is making use of it by planting blackberry vines (8) and kiwi vines (2, one pictured here in lower right) and they're called Anna Kiwis. How special I am to have kiwis named after me! They'll eventually need to be trained to a trellis or we may just keep them pruned. 

Blackberry blossom. Ashley planted Triple Crown Thornless and Arapaho Thornless varieties. 

Lots of leaves now!

 We also have several blueberry bushes planted around the house...maybe 8? They did great for us last year, provided the boys leave them alone long enough to ripen!

The other day on our local NPR station the Your Day show, sponsored by Clemson University's Extension office, featured a segment about blueberries and how they typically do great in South Carolina. 

Here's to more pretty days where we have low humidity and blue, sunny skies. It won't be long before the humidity will make the outside less pleasant. 

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  1. Mmmm, blueberries and blackberries! You better keep my kids away! Your garden looks great!