Sunday, April 1, 2012

Starting in Spring

It seems fitting to begin this new blog about our almost new house and makings of a farm for our family in the season that celebrates new beginnings. Spring has definitely sprung in South Carolina and around our land.

The grass is greening up...

Blooms are appearing on our bushes and loropetalum
 and white loropetalum. 
 Pear tree blossoms.

The garden is planted with lettuce, carrots, spinach, peas, potatoes, onions and broccoli. We had good success with our summer and fall gardens so we'll see how the spring turns out. It all depends on our weather and if we actually get to have a long enough spring season. South Carolina is notorious for jumping straight into summer (we've already had a few days where the temperature has reached the upper 80s).

And our chicken house is almost completed. 

These pictures were taken last week. I need to snap some more to capture our garden's growth. 

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  1. hey, that was quick i checked a couple of day ago & nothing & now poof a lovely blog! :) your flowering trees & shrubs are beautiful. we've had a few 80* days up here as well, but that is NOT normal. look forward to seeing more of your home, farm & projects. thanks for sharing.