Friday, April 13, 2012

Our Girls Arrive!

Two weeks ago I found out we'll have three boys in our family come August. I was tickled with the news because I think mamas of all boys are neat women--and I already know the "boy stuff". And I don't mind being outnumbered by the guys in my house.  But we do have a few girls now around the place, thanks to our new chickens! While the boys and I were in North Carolina visiting my parents, Ashley finished the chicken house and added six lovely ladies. The boys were so excited! It's been a great activity (multiple times a day) to go check on the chickens, give them scraps and just watch their behavior. Today we were especially amused by one taking a dust bath. 

Here's the coop...really it's a house. We think the ladies like their new digs!

Inside they have four boxes for laying and their food. 

And there are roosting poles, including this one that the looney Hamburgs found--that's Zebra and Ladybird. 
 They are overlooking the garden. 
 Other names include Heidi, Penny, Dandelion Rose and Shiny. 
 And they gave us four eggs yesterday! I'll post later about one of the ways I like to use up eggs. 

Do you have chickens? Any tips are welcome!

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